And Yet

And Yet, a new poetry collection, was published in September through Finishing Line Press.
What people are saying about And Yet:
Book Cover for And Yet

Rita Coleman senses “the wild rumble of sky/ and earth before it rattles the bones of the living.” She sees human beings as “tribes of stars . . . in the blue knowing.” She challenges the mythical Narcissus to find “mirrored passion . . . rather than the shallow reflection of his face in a pond.” Her spare and surprising lines bring sunshine into the depth of our existence.
–David Lee Garrison, Author of Playing Bach in the DC Metro

And Yet, Rita Coleman’s second book of poetry, weaves tapestry of an examined life, “The smooth laying down of face and soul,/ the deep weave of length and breadth,// A rhythm unpatterned, random and perfect,// not yet done, a continuous beyond.” Through a juxtaposition of inner and outer spaces, the play of light and water, domestic and natural scenes, these poems explore the paradox of the nature of time, generational connections and the lives we lead inside our minds and on this earth. “Aren’t we just//flying, slithering, galloping, clawing…?” she asks. “Take a chance. Dive in the light year, swim in the swirl…” Readers will be all the better for it.
–Pauletta Hansel, Cincinnati Poet Laureate, Author of Tangle

Mystic Connections

This volume of seamlessly-woven poems of joy and loss, mysticism and sensual earthiness, begins on a supernatural shamanic plane. Gradually, as the familiar reality of grass, flowers, trees and stone appears, an escaped slave becomes a river rock to be contemplated as he wears away. The color red stands for moments of peak existence. A drop of dew in Carl Sandburg’s garden transforms the poet so she (and the reader) knows “that nothing ordinary/would ever exist again.” Though the poems are mostly lyrical, there’s narrative, too; and lists, lamentations, prayers and eulogies as well. The passing of a mother, father and even a beloved pet are lovingly but honestly documented in sensual language and with surprising insight. But the poet doesn’t leave us with loss. Her book is crafted like a sacred circular hoop, and by the end, she’s returned to the ethereal state with which she began, leaving us in a place of transcendent joy. With this book, Coleman guides us with her wisdom and experience, forged in the fire of life. Although women will particularly enjoy it, there’s something for everyone who seeks the spiritual in this sensual world.

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