Fun Words: Confessions of a Dictionary Geek

Written by RitaC on May 10th, 2010

As a child, I pored over Webster’s, amazed at what was before me.  One page led to another until I was sated with new words and meanings that expanded my world.  As an adult, I get lost in the OED (the shorter version), my amazement as fresh and as large as decades ago.

One of my college profs described fun words “as a party for your mouth.”  I would add: “a festival for your brain.”  Synapses spark, connect, and create new pathways, energizing gray matter.  Words that jazz your mind are a boon for wordsmiths and everyone who values vocabulary.

Here are ten that engage my senses.  Kerfuffle. Gallimaufrey. Hemidemisemiquaver.  Mellifluous.  Catkin. Balderdash.  Incongruous.  Battalion.  Syzygy.  Anemone. 

What words light up your cranium?