A New Year

Written by RitaC on January 1st, 2012

At a particular point in the continuum, midnight December 31 of every year–the point in the continuum a human construct as well as the hour and the year–signifies the end of the old and the beginning of the new. Without this demarcation we might slog along without celebration, not realizing we have made it through another 12 months. We get up, succeed in some form, in some way, go to to sleep and dream, 365 days and nights in a row. The days and night vary yet they always come, the same way the sun rises and sets and the moon waxes and wanes. Both are miracles, as miraculous as our daily awakenings, our breath, our tears, and our love.
Let this human-construct, this New Year, find you gifted with curiosity and wonder and ever-ready to name the miracle in your life.