If Trees Could Do Yoga

Written by RitaC on November 27th, 2012

If trees could do yoga would they want to align their trunks
With all the unique bends, twists, and burls?

If they could, would magnolias and pines sink their roots
Down past bedrock, magma, the core and beyond?

Would they seek even more balance in their stance,
raise their arms even higher to kiss the sun?

Would hemlocks and oaks breathe more deeply,
Adding more loveliness and fresh air, ripe and pungent?

Would their outer sheaths, beyond the bark, glow and shimmer?
Would we notice the difference, the effort?

If trees could practice yoga, I think they would.
Upward Sun Salute, brushing the sky with their branches.

Mountain Pose, digging in, growing naturally.
Tree Pose, balancing on one side, then the other,

At night when no one could see,
For groundedness, for beauty–and, yes, we would notice.


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