Last Call for And Yet

Written by RitaC on June 15th, 2017

Beautiful Human Beings,
This is the last week I will be a marketer for my new poetry book, And Yet. On Saturday, I will turn my attention, once again, to writing poetry and memoir rather than ads.
The poetry publishing business is made up of many small presses, university presses, and commercial presses. Because of a number of factors–the esoteric nature of poetry and its reputation as inscrutable–poetry books are not best sellers. Publishers, especially small presses who operate with minimal funds, may offer basic marketing and many marketing tools. However, the poet whose book is to be published, by a small press, needs to market by email, on social media, and with every person with whom she interacts. This is necessary for both the poet and the publisher. If the minimum number of books is not sold in the pre-sale period, the book is not published. It is a matter of left-brain business, at which many right-brain poets are not strongly suited.
Since I have no idea how many pre-orders have been transacted, I offer this last call. If you wish to support the art and the business of poetry–because they are intertwined–you may order And Yet through Friday, June 16. The online address for my publisher is Click Bookstore. Search Rita Coleman or And Yet. The cost is $14.98 for each copy plus $2.98 for shipping.
The beautiful cover design by Leah Maines features a photograph I shot in Colorado between Gunnison and Crested Butte. After the pre-sales period ends and I have sold enough books to warrant a press run, I will receive the names of all the book-buyers, At random, I will choose one name and gift a 16″ x 20″ canvas print of the photo to that person.
No poet ever enters the field of poetry with the thought of becoming rich. Most of us keep a day job, unless by some stroke of fortune we win the lottery, inherit funds, or have the support of a spouse, partner, or family. Perhaps,we experience propitious circumstances that are undefinable.
Poets are naturally inclined toward what they do: pay attention and write it down, revising over and over and over. It is a choice to pursue this inherent gift.
I am glad I do.

Yours in words,


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